Service Dogs We Provide

Mobility/Balance Assistance Dogs, trained to assist with mobility limitations or unsafe movement of a child.  The dog can also retrieve objects, open and close doors, pull a wheelchair, operate light switches or assist with other activities of daily living. . These dogs can also be tethered  for added security or assist  with gait and balance while walking or act as a brace.  Public Access Certified and ADA protected Service Dogs.

Social Service Dogs, assists someone who has a fear public or social situations or tends to isolate themselves from interactions with others.  These dogs keep the person focused and provides security. Public Access Certified and ADA protected Service Dogs.

Ssig/Behavioral Distraction Dogs, trained to assist a child diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder such as Phelan-McDermid, Pratter-Willi, Angelman or others.  These dogs are specially trained to meet each child and family's specific needs, performing tasks such as disrupting certain behaviors.  These dogs help the child find independence, confidence and the ability to perform activities of daily living.  They are trained to help the child prioritize necessary information and assist the child in handling situations which are over stimulating and can become confusing. Most important, these dogs provide companionship and a calming presence that can reduce emotional outbursts and help children become more confident and independent.  Public Access Certified and ADA protected Service Dogs.    

Multi-purpose Service Dogs, are specially trained to perform a wide range of tasks and specifically tailored to  assist with unique needs.  Public Access Certified and ADA protected Service Dogs.

Companion Dogs, have a calm, dependable and affectionate demeanor; providing company to someone who may need a friend.  While highly trained, they are not task oriented.  Because a strong bond often develops between the person and dog, these companions may also provide comfort to those who have experienced traumatic events.  Companion dogs can also serve as a social bridge to people who are not used to relating to someone with special needs, increasing social interaction, while boosting confidence and feeling of self sufficiency.

Therapy/Facility Dogs work with a trained volunteer or professional in one or more locations. These dogs are trained to bring comfort and enjoyment to the general public  

PTSD Dogs/Post Traumatic Stress, is an anxiety disorder that can occur after you have been through a traumatic event.  These dogs provide a sense of security, calming and physical exercise that can make a positive difference.  They are trained to perform tasks that mitigate their handler's disability. Public Access Certified and ADA protected Service Dogs.

Service Dogs for Veterans Dogs, is a program dedicated to our military.  Our Veteran Advocate will work with your to design a program that best fits your situation and need for a services dog.  Service Dogs are trained  for task work or PTSD.  Public Access Certified and ADA protected Service Dogs.